Rain in Summer is Becca Roth's first independent short film, created in 2011 with zero budget.


Cass, a heartbroken 23-year-old preschool teacher, can't seem to get over her ex-boyfriend, Greg, who left her for someone else a year earlier. One evening, Cass's very patient and loyal best friend, Samantha, brings Cass to a party, in an effort to find love for herself and to get Cass out of the house. At the party, Cass, who is supposed to be Sam's wing-girl, meets Amanda, a mysterious and intriguing party-goer. Amanda attempts to seduce Cass, and although Cass is intrigued, it's very clear that she's still hung up on Greg. Amanda convinces Cass to confront Greg, but when she does, she discovers that the girl he left Cass for was Amanda.